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We can now offer a full live sound PA for anything from the smallest to the largest gigs, indoor or outdoor.

We even have a very good engineer, in a flightcase, as part of the package.

He brings his own gaffa tape and Sharpie too.

Seriously - contact us with your requirements for live sound, we'll put a package together of the best gear for you at the best prices.



Nautel is the global leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of RF products for AM and FM broadcast, navigation, industrial and space-based applications.

Their broadcast transmitters are world-renowned for their reliability, quality and innovation.

In line with our policy of representing only the world's best manufacturers, we at Total Broadcast Consultants are delighted to have formed a relationship with Nautel to distribute their products in Ireland.

Nautel's Market Development Manager Hal Kneller says "I warmly welcome Total Broadcast Consultants as our official representatives in Ireland. Total Broadcast supplies quality equipment and services to the industry and we are honoured to be part of their operation."

Nautel have recently introduced their new VS Series FM transmitters - with industry-first innovations such as IP audio I/O, Axia Livewire support, Nautel's Advanced User Interface (AUI), optional built-in Orban Optimod audio processing, remote control over IP and many other outstanding features.

Click HERE to visit Nautel's website for more information.



You know this situation: You're broadcasting a sports event, you're in a commercial break and the game restarts, so your listeners miss the opening minutes - or - you're broadcasting a feed from an election count centre, but another centre starts returning at the same time:

You need the Audio Time Manager from 25-Seven Systems.

A recorded programme is 59 minutes long but you've only got 57:50 in that hour for it -

You need the Program Length Manager from 25-Seven Systems.

You're concerned about risks of litigation when broadcasting live phone calls - and simple profanity delay units just aren't clever enough:

You need the Program Delay Manager from 25-Seven Systems.

Imagine being able to delay the start of a live event but still have it end on time!

All these things are possible now with 25-Seven Systems. Messy, clumsy timing is a thing of the past.

Click HERE to see how these innovative products can let you regain control of your station output!



FM stations are having to compete more and more with high-quality digital platforms like DAB and Internet-delivered radio. These media do not suffer the challenges of pre-emphasis, so to address this, world broadcast-processing leaders Orban have released two new products - the Optimod-FM 8600 and the Optimod-FM 5500.

Dramatically improved peak limiter technology decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capacity. Compared to the FM-channel peak limiter in the Optimod-FM 8500, the new peak limiter typically provides 2.5 to 3dB more power at high frequencies, which minimises audible HF loss. Drums and percussion cut through the mix. Highs are airy, and "problem material" that used to cause audible distortion is handled cleanly.

Along with the Optimod-FM 8600, the new Optimod-FM 5500 - which puts coveted five band and two band processing into a single rack unit and brings it to you at the most competitive price ever - Orban's place as the acknowledged world leader in broadcast audio processing is secured for the future.

These exciting products  are now available - Contact us for more information; or click here.


TOTAL BROADCAST CONSULTANTS builds studios for Radio Nova!

Total Broadcast Consultants is pleased to be playing a vital role in welcoming Dublin's brand new Classic Rock station, Radio Nova, onto the air. We designed, supplied and are currently constructing the new state of the art studios, located near the new Point Village and Convention Centre developments in Dublin city, to the highest of standards.



Total Broadcast Consultants, based in Waterford, Ireland, is the first independent company to broadcast DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) in Ireland.

Operating under a Test and Trial licence from ComReg, the TOTAL-DAB multiplex, on channel 9B, is carrying feeds from several Irish terrestrial broadcasters.

Uniquely, DAB+ is also on air on the same multiplex.

The trials are designed to allow Total Broadcast Consultants to develop a cost-effective method of broadcasting DAB and DAB+, and to evaluate the various formats and parameters used in the medium, in advance of the expected roll-out of commercial DAB and DAB+ across the country.

The pioneering transmissions are broadcast from a high site operated by Total Broadcast Consultants, covering counties Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, and east Waterford.

More information, and our DABlog - HERE!


TOTAL BROADCAST CONSULTANTS builds Ireland's FIRST all-IP-Audio station!

We've done it again, another milestone! The new Midlands and North-East of Ireland regional station i105-107 is the first station in Ireland to use the new IP-based Axia mixing console and routing system. We're really leading the way here - this system will certainly become the industry standard, making obsolete not only analogue systems but also the plethora of proprietary, non-standard TDM router-based digital systems - with their inherent problems of limited expandability, single points of failure, costly installation and limited functionality.

Ireland is once again leading the pack - in the UK no FM station has yet to make the transition to IP mixing and routing, but the big groups there are watching with envious eyes. Over 1,000 studios worldwide have embraced this technology, with all users now wondering why anyone would do anything else.



TOTAL BROADCAST CONSULTANTS appointed Tieline dealers!

If you want a codec for OBs, remote broadcast etc, and you just want it to work whatever the conditions, and you want the choice of POTS line, cellular G3, ISDN, IP or leased line, then there's only really a choice of one. Tieline - the world's most reliable codecs.

We're now Irish distributors for Tieline -if you've never experienced how a Tieline can sound, and how easy and reliable they are to use, contact us for a free demonstration.

Click HERE for more details.

TOTAL BROADCAST CONSULANTS appointed Axia dealers for Ireland!

We're very pleased to announce that we now represent Axia Audio in Ireland. Axia products, using the innovative Livewire protocol, revolutionise studio design and facilities. Imagine a whole studio connected back to your central technical area by ONE cable! Imagine EVERY source within your facility being available in EVERY studio without complex distribution and switching systems!

Well the future is here - and the future is Livewire, by Axia!

Click HERE for more details!


TOTAL BROADCAST CONSULTANTS builds the country's FIRST all-digital radio station!

i102-104 is the country's newest and most innovative regional station. Based in Galway, it broadcasts to the entire north-west of Ireland from Galway.

i102-104 launched on the 7th of February 2008, broadcasting programmes aimed at a youth audience. The studio and transmissions were designed by us to be all-digital - which means that from the audio sources all the way through the airchain to the transmitters, the signals are carried in the digital domain.

No other station is the country has yet done this - it means absolutely optimum quality and that the station is completely future-proof.

More details and pictures HERE.


TIPP-FM moves to brand new broadcast centre!

In November 2007, Total Broadcast Consultants completed the installation of Tipp-fm's new broadcast facility in Clonmel. Comprising five studios, it has brought the sucessful legacy station right up to date.

The switchover from the old premises was carried out at 4.30pm - prime time, but with no glitches or loss of audio!

Tipp-fm's new broadcast centre is bright and spacious, the studios comfortable and great to work in, and the audio and transmission chain is of excellent quality.



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